The McDaniel Institute of Aging Research is committed to following Good Clinical Practice and Good Laboratory Practice in all studies undertaken. Staff members are focused on accuracy in data collection and reporting in all trials. The staff of the McDaniel Institute of Aging Research has training in a wide variety of disciplines encompassing basic science and clinical research skillsets. From benchtop molecular biology and cell culture to clinical trials, the skilled professionals at the McDaniel Institute of Aging Research have had great success in evaluating products from inception to production (and even post-marketing).


  • All aspects of protocol design/clinical trial development
  • In Vivo testing of human subjects for solar & light studies
  • Clinical trials for cosmetics and cosmeceuticals
  • Home use device clinical testing
  • Wound healing studies (in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo) for various testing and modalities
  • Ex Vivo testing of skin and tissues (range of services available please inquire)
  • Phase II, III and IV FDA clinical device or pharmaceutical trials (conducted in collaboration with the McDaniel Laser & Cosmetic Center)
  • Non-FDA clinical medical device trials (conducted in collaboration with the McDaniel Laser & Cosmetic Center)


  • Proof of Concept laboratory testing
  • In Vitro testing (cells, reconstructed skin, compounds, medical devices, home use devices, solar simulation & light studies, atmospheric agents, etc.)
  • Ex Vivo testing of skin and tissues (range of services available please inquire)
  • Detailed menu of laboratory services, click here


  • In vitro, Ex vivo and In vivo methodologies available
  • Dose controlled by real time intensity measuring system for exact dosage delivery
  • Particulate Matter/Urban Dust and ozone testing (via collaborative effort with regional lab using NIST collected samples)
  • Custom protocols including dosing, biopsy collection, biomarkers tested, and imaging


  • All phases of product design, testing and development
  • Blinded Expert Grader for clinical trials
  • Data and image analysis and expert evaluation
  • Development of skin care products, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, etc.
  • Testing and broad ranges of services for home use devices
  • Development of new testing methodologies
  • Launch and post launch product media support, and media education/presentation
  • Data presentation at national and international meetings and/or peer reviewed publications
  • Patent and regulatory meetings and filings
  • Identification of unique compounds for development in the rejuvenation marketplace
  • Scientific writings
  • Advisory Boards
  • IRB evaluation or design
  • FDA study design or consulting
  • Patent application evaluation or design