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Dr. McDaniel has consulted on the design, as well as executed, many FDA product or device trials that resulted in clearances. In fact, the first FDA cleared LED device was invented, designed and tested by Dr. McDaniel and his team. Over the last 20+ years, the team has assisted small start up, and large multinational companies in the design, preparation, and submission of both FDA and IRB reviewed cosmetic studies. Dr. McDaniel has also been a prolific lecturer and industry analyst/touchstone for a large portion of the beauty industries lay press and scientific journals.

List of Services Available:

  • FDA, Device, Cosmetic/Nutraceutical, LED/Phototherapy trial design and implementation
  • Nutraceutical/Cosmeceutical product identification, design and In vitro/in vivo testing
  • Cutting edge digital imaging equipment (Canfield VISIA-CA, VISIA-CR and VETRA H1; all latest models) to ensure high quality, reproducible clinical photographs for data analysis and/or marketing.
  • Design of Custom Microarrays
  • RT-PCR Gene expression studies using a BioRad CFX96 Touch system
  • Visible light, IR, UV and LED in vitro studies
  • Selected immunohistochemical staining of tissue sections/cells; imaging of the same using fluorescence and/or standard histological stains with a Leica DM-IRB inverted scope, Nikon DS-Qi1Mc (visible light), Nikon DS-Fi2 (fluorescent labeling) and NIS Elements software
  • Moisture meters, Trans Epidermal Water Loss
  • Minolta ChromaMeter
  • New Product Launches and Media Relations
  • Content and  Design for Scientific lectures
  • ELISA and other cellular assays
  • Experience with Human Skin Equivalent Models (Mattek)

Past Projects

  • Toxicity and gene expression for antioxidants and derivatives
  • LED photomodulation treatment design and applications
  • LED gene and protein response measurements
  • Stretchmark histopathology
  • Human skin cell and skin equivalent culture and testing
  • Antioxidant gene expression, cell survivability and telomere activity
  • Longevity studies using fruit fly model
  • Protein production and gene expression in cultured cells following exposure to a novel laser
  • Light based (LED, UVR, IR, Visible Light) in vitro studies for a variety of metrics

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