Blue, HEV Light, and Atmospheric Aging

“Preventing Atmospheric Aging of the skin from the full solar spectrum and air pollution is the next great challenge for both defending the skin (prejuvenation) and repairing (rejuvenation) existing damage” –David H. McDaniel, MD, FAAD

Our Institute has special expertise in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo clinical testing for actives and formulations for efficacy at preventing or repairing damage from the following:

  • HEVL (High Energy Visible Light)
  • Blue Light
  • IRA (Infrared A light)
  • Artificial light sources (including digital screens)
  • UVA
  • UVB

The Laboratory Research Division at the McDaniel Institute of Aging Research can provide:

  • Creation, growth, maintenance and testing of cell cultures, ex vivo skin and skin equivalent models (human and other)
  • PCR based and cDNA microarrays
  • Human Skin Biopsy collection, histological staining, immunofluorescent staining and imaging, live cell staining and imaging
  • Cell toxicity/viability assays
  • Dose response analysis for active compounds
  • ELISA protein quantitation
  • Image capture analysis
  • Enviromental pollution testing (please inquire)

The Consulting Services for Clinical Research Include:

  • Consulting for all phases of product design, development, and post launch media coverage and media education/presentation.
  • All aspects of protocol design/clinical trial development including and conversion of trial results/data to submission to peer reviewed publication(s).
  • 3D/2D digital imaging
  • Blinded Expert Grader for clinical trials
  • FDA clinical trials and audit processes

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